Neglecting Newgrounds

2012-05-25 00:03:36 by EdgeCrimson

Lately, I haven't been posting any music to Newgrounds. Although I still make music, I've been mostly composing vocal music for the past few months. Since vocal music is not really in the heart of Newgrounds, I have been posting it to my Myspace page instead. All I'm trying to say here is that I haven't disappeared. I will more than likely post more music to Newgrounds before the end of the year, but who knows really. I know many people have enjoyed my music thus far, so hopefully they appreciate the idea of me creating more of it.

It'd be nice if they said something every once in awhile though!

Something Title-Worthy

2011-07-30 21:40:43 by EdgeCrimson

So, yeah, I went through and deleted my lyrics from all of the videos. I just thought, if there are no words in the song, why should there be lyrics provided? Anyways, if you actually liked the lyrics for some reason, you could always message me for them.

Now to the good stuff. Recently, I've been getting back into making music that sounds like it could be in a video game, so I'll be trying to upload some new songs to Newgrounds in the next few months. I'm trying to balance this with several other little things going on in my life and a few band projects with my friends, so it could take awhile. Just be patient and you'll get to hear some nice new stuff. Keep in mind it'll be much better than the stuff I posted in 2009/early 2010, but that's to be expected with any musician, I would think.

Regardless, I appreciate you guys listening to my music, and I look forward to making more music in the future!

Hey guys! I just felt like giving you guys an update would be nice, because I kinda haven't really ever given one.

Anyways, I'm composing a lot of different things at the moment. Over the past 6 months or so, I've been composing progressive rock songs and uploading them solely to my Myspace, but I've just recently started going back to composing electronica/newgrounds-friendly stuff, so I decided to post some of those songs.

I digress... to the point of this subject: I've been looking through some of my older work, and I think it might be a good idea to go through and edit some of my old songs. You know, touch them up, make the drum track more interesting, stuff of that nature. Do you guys think it's a good idea? I probably will do it anyway, but feedback will definitely help me out. Thanks guys.

On the Subject of Music

2009-07-13 14:42:10 by EdgeCrimson

Something about music. Ya, I still make it. I also now have a myspace where I upload music, check it out if you're interested.